Folleterre Faeries

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Faerie sisters and brothers, in-betweens and queers, lovers and friends, the time has come for a radical faerie Sanctuary in Europe!

About the Land and Sanctuary:
Eurofaeries have been searching for several years now for land that can serve as a sanctuary in the radical faerie tradition. We believe we have found the perfect place in Folleterre.

It is a beautiful farm in the middle of a nature reserve (in the Vosges Mountains) located in the north-east of France where it is very central in Europe. It can be reached very easily by train from Paris, Basel, Cologne and many other places. The closest station is only 10 km (7 miles) away. So where ever you come from or where you have to go, it will be easy.

We have decided that we will buy this beautiful place, but moreover there is the chance to buy with it more land next to it. It is a big step to take but we feel this is the right place in the right time to take this step. A step for the Faeries and for the World around us!

We want this place to become a place of magnificent abundance. A place for fun, healing and respect. The world needs all the ingredients we play with as Faeries. Moreover it is time to live in Respect of Mother Nature. RSS Feed what is XML?

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